Pretio Increases Hair & Beauty Site Engagement by 267%

A popular hair and beauty brand wanted to drive customer engagement on their site. The beauty company used Pretio’s Real Rewards and Mindset Targeting to congratulate mobile users with $5 off their next purchaseafter reaching Achievement Moments in apps and games on Pretio’s Direct Network.



Business Concern 

Having a strong brick and mortar presence, a popular beauty brand was looking to increase their online presence, user base, and e-commerce sales. To do this they wanted to start by increasing customer engagement, and so, turned to Pretio to use Achievement Moments and create an emotional connection with mobile users.


Pretio Execution

To create the emotional connection, the brand offered a real world reward of $5 off a user’s next purchase after an Achievement Moment in targeted apps and games. To receive the discount, users submitted their emails within the Pretio ad-unit, and were then prompted to the brand’s style quiz. The natural ad-delivery, combined with Pretio’s mindset algorithm, helped drive quality users to their site and increase engagement.




Using Achievement Moments, website engagement increased across the board:

  • Unique number sessions increased by 72%
  • Bounce rates decreased by 56%
  • And the average Pretio-driven user spent 267% more time engaging with site content