Pretio Delivers a 3000% ROAS For Catering Company

A popular American sandwich company wanted to increase awareness and sales of their catering service in Chicago. Combining audience selection and placement optimization with location based Mindset Targeting, Pretio was able to achieve a 3000% lift on advertising spend for the fast food company.



Business Concern

With high school graduation season approaching, a Chicago based sandwich company saw the perfect opportunity to promote the lesser known catering side of their business. They created a limited time special referral code that offered discounts on both their Celebration Pack and Weekend Special Buffet. With limited ad spend, the fast food company wanted to specifically geo target users close to their brick and mortar stores in Chicago. They knew their campaign would be a success, if they could get the timing right!



Pretio Execution & Results

Pretio was able to reach the sandwich company’s strict targeting and timing requests. Through careful audience selection and placement optimization, Pretio was able to predict purchase intent based on interests. Using device id and geo-targeting, Pretio ensured that the campaign audience remained within the sandwich company’s geographic restraints. Through timing, audience, and geographic targeting, Pretio was able to achieve a a 3000% return on advertising spend for the fast food company, with an average order value of $119.

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