Another week has passed and there are some pretty amazing performances to report.

This time I thought I’d switch up the format, taking some inspiration from my favourite newsletter. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Here’s how you can bring “performance” into your daily conversations.

What to say when you hear about Hurricane Matthew

Have you been keeping up with the ad-tech acquisitions? This past week Criteo acquired Hook Logic for $250M (a win for performance marketing) and Salesforce acquired Krux for $700M. Make it rain.

What to say to your roommate who is obsessed with Settlers of Catan

Did you hear about the Builders of Tutela? Their performance in the Network Analytics space is getting noticed and has helped them raise a new round of funding. No trading of ore necessary.

What do you say when you hear Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris

Git out of here. Last weekend two of our amazing dev’s, Gyanesh and Aurora, represented Pretio at the 3rd annual Startup Slam workshop. They held a session on an Introduction to Git— a productivity tool the dev team here at Pretio. It’s been a real performance booster! If you missed the workshop you can check out Aurora’s interview with us on the VLog.

What to say when you hear Victoria is Canada’s next big start up hub

We’re on a roll. So are the Blue Jays. On Tuesday they defeated the Orioles with an amazing performance in the wild card game to move on to the World Series. Things are looking pretty good in the first series against the Texas Rangers with a 2-0 lead.  Band meet wagon.

What to say when someone asks you what you are having for Thanksgiving dinner.

All of the things. This week our dev team successfully deployed an IP filter that allows them to intelligently block out mass amounts of traffic from known bot sources. This will improve the performance of the Pretio Porgrammatic network by increasing viewability and conversion ratios. Bye Felicia.


Wondering why Pretio is talking about performance so much? It’s because we believe that advertising should back out to performance. ALWAYS.

We also started a Performance VLog. You can check it out here.

Have a great week!

-Taylor and the Pretio Team