Performance is everywhere.

You see it on tv, at work, the gym, in digital advertising (or at least you should). And those achievements deserve to be celebrated.

So we thought we’d create a weekly performance report.

You can think of it as a highlight reel of  the best performances from the past week. And while it might seem like a bit of a Pretio #HumbleBrag, that’s not the case.

We want to celebrate ALL performances.

Big. Small. Professional. Goofy. Performances from the Pretio team. Performances in the community. Performances in the world. You’ll find it all here.

So let’s get started!

Channeling inner sportscaster*  Here are the top performances of the week:

  1. The Royals made their way to Victoria (think crowns not skates) and it was quite the performance. More than 25,000 people along with Justin Trudeau gathered in front Parliament to welcome the future King and Queen. Did you get a glimpse?
  2. In ad-tech news, Applovin was acquired by Orient Hontai Capital for $1.4 billion. Making it the first ad-tech unicorn and producing a 300% return for investors. Cha-Ching.
  3. Pretio has been testing out some video media, and we’ve been able to grow it fairly quickly. Dan boosted his performance by doubling his number of opportunities this week alone!
  4. The Pretio Social Committee peaked its quarterly performance with three back to back events– Pretio’s Baby #2 baby shower, team building at Wildplay, and a creative ceramics crash course from FiredUp. Yeah, we’re tight.
  5. And finally, the performance we can’t stop talking about— The Brownlee Brothers.  Jonathan Brownlee suffered heat exhaustion in the final metres of the World Triathlon, and Alistair gave up his lead to help him cross the finish line. Now that’s teamwork. All the feels.

Wondering why Pretio is talking about performance so much? It’s because we believe that advertising should back out to performance. ALWAYS.

We also started a Performance VLog. You can check it out here.

Have a great week!

-Taylor and the Pretio Team