It’s no secret that market trends are now highly consumer-driven. And, when it comes to aligning your marketing with consumers’ lifestyles, all signs point to Digital. Nearly every consumer activity has shifted to digital in some way — from listening to music to shopping to booking restaurant reservations. Customers continue to seek relevant communication that relates directly to their needs.

According to eMarketer, time spent with digital media has jumped to 5 hours and 38 minutes a day, with 2 hours and 51 minutes of that time being spent on mobile. In conjunction, the mobile ad industry as a whole grew 34 percent year over year, while desktop digital advertising only grew 11 percent.

This justifies the fact that consumers constantly carry their devices with them and engage on and off throughout the day and night. What does this tell marketers looking to drive conversions with their ads? They need to cater their efforts to reflect consumers’ lifestyles, which largely revolve around mobile.

The marketer’s big challenge is determining when and where their customer is located in the buyer’s journey. With more interaction touch points now than ever across digital channels, there is a huge opportunity for marketers to effectively engage and convert consumers into customers.

Meeting Lifestyle Needs

Today’s mobile consumer engages and buys according to how closely the timing and relevance of the offer aligns with their priorities. The following are popular trends that advertisers should consider when working to convert consumers on digital.

People are busy and want to stay productive!

You’re busy, everyone is busy — it’s the way of the modern world. As people strive to find more time in the day to get things done, they turn to helpful apps! Productivity apps, like to-do-lists, help users keep their lifestyle organized and on track. Completing tasks and accomplishing goals is a huge deal for the ever-busy consumer, and mobile advertising should take advantage of this crucial window of opportunity. For example, if someone is using a fitness app to track their progress — because people are increasingly making time to focus on their health — a successful mobile ad will be positioned in a way that reflects this personal achievement.

By playing into the consumer’s mobile experience, personal wins, and feelings, you’ll create a memorable experience with your mobile ads that will help you attract new customers.

People are busy and value deals!

Busy people are scrolling through their phones to find shortcuts and deals whenever possible. To capitalize even more on digital achievements, advertisers should serve up rewards, like deep discounts, product samples, or exclusive offers, at times that make sense the the buyer journey — like when the consumer already feels excited and happy (checking goals off of the list). You can offer rewards in these Achievement Moments to build a positive consumer-brand relationship.

At Pretio, we serve up real world rewards, including:

Because the rewards are delivered in a time that feels natural, and the user has the choice to opt-in, there are no unpleasant feelings about the experience.

Understanding how, why, and when your customers engage with certain channels will lead to a better customer experience — and ultimately more sales. Personalized ads, the increase in devices used by consumers, and the ability to deliver a better user experience through data have made customers feel more comfortable making purchases online. As consumers continue to drive the digital shift forward, marketers should pay close attention to their buyers’ moves and vibes.