You’ve attracted a bunch of new leads through your digital marketing campaign. Congratulations! Give yourself a brief pat on the back and get ready for the real work. Creative only affects about 20% of your response rate. The other 80% will be based on your list and offer, which means you need to prioritize accordingly and put in the time to nurture your leads to convert them into loyal paying customers.


Here are 4 workflow tips for effective lead nurturing.

Be Timely

The average human attention span is now less than 5 seconds — which means no one is going to remember an ad they clicked on three days from now. So if you wait 2 weeks to start communication with a new lead, they aren’t going to have a clue who you are and your message is going to go straight to their trash. This means you need to act quickly to keep your brand top of mind.

Set up and test your workflows BEFORE you start your digital campaigns to ensure the customer experience is flawless from your first point of contact. The best way to do this is have your channel partners integrated directly into your CRM and set up a drip campaign starting from the day you acquire the new lead. Say hello and remind them of the offer they just accepted. This is the age of digital; your customers expect personalization.


Be Relevant

Just as your landing page copy should match your ad copy, the same goes for your initial messaging. Your first outreach should remind your leads what attracted them to your brand in the first place. If they claimed an offer for 20% off purchase, but receive information about free shipping in their first email, it will only lead to confusion. So, keep it consistent!

70% of a customer’s buying experience is based on how the customer feels they are treated. So if you can continue riding the high of unlocking an exclusive offer in your messaging, it will help move them along the path to purchase. Make them feel as if they acquired a savvy new best friend who knows about all the best deals and keeps them up to date on new releases. If you have leads coming in based on a 20% off first purchase order send them a fun message congratulating them and offer some suggestions for items to use it on.

Always Test

Test your list. See how well the it performs, tracking frequency of purchase, collections, conversions, renewals. Test your messaging! Even the most experienced digital marketers could be surprised with what works with their audience. Testing is especially important if you are using a new channel partner. Don’t simply burn through your new list with the same content. Split test to figure out what works best with this audience. 5000 leads will typically give you a good idea.

The possibilities for variations are endless. Try different subject lines to increase open rates. Switch up the offers. Even the smallest tweak to your offer copy can go a long way! For example,”Buy one – get one free” has a 40% higher perceived valuethan both “Half price!” and “50%off!”.


Understand What Success Looks Like

This might be the most important step! You need to define success in order to be able to measure it. If a one time purchase is your end goal, your list nurturing is going to look very different than if you are wanting to build loyalty. That’s why it’s so important for your team to define KPI’s and then map out the buyers journey to get there. If you need help with goal setting stay tuned for our next Toolbox post!