So, you’ve decided to jump on the $100B band wagon that is mobile marketing. What now?

You’ve probably allotted a budget and tested a couple of campaigns, but are you really seeing the returns you’ve been promised? If the answer is no, it’s probably because you are overlooking one of the most important metrics of success: engagement.

Let me explain why your digital ad campaign could use more engagement.

What is your customer’s most prized possession? Their phone! It’s the last thing they look at before they fall asleep and the first thing they see in the morning. People have never been so dependant on a singular product — EVER! This creates a huge opportunity for brands, as long as they can get it right.

Because phones are such a personal device, you need to build trust with the person on the receiving end of your ad. In order to attract and retain customers, you must convince them that your product can solve a problem they are experiencing or provide some sort of value. If you fail  to do this, you will be considered an annoying distraction and lose their trust entirely.

For some reason, someone got it in their head that banner ads were an acceptable way to approach someone on their phone. According to data, that person was wrong. 73% of people think banner ads are the most annoying form of advertisement. Which is probably why standard IAB banners see an engagement ofless than 1% on average, and even when there is engagement, 60% of those clicks are accidental.

Does this seem like a smart route to your ideal customers? (The answer is no). So how do you reach your customers? By targeting their mindset to create an engaging experience that results in them getting something they actually want!

People turn to their phones in “I need to”, “I want to”, “I wonder” moments. You need to inject your brand as a solution in those moments — which isn’t always easy to do, and that’s where Pretio comes in.

Pretio allows your brand to surprise mobile consumers with Real World Rewards, like a free sample or discount, as they reach Achievement Moments in apps and games. In these moments, users are happy and excited, they also just happen to be more statistically proven to convert.

By positioning your brand as a reward in these moments, you are helping your prospective customers celebrate, with your brand is the prize! This type of ad interaction is fun and feels natural to the user experience, not annoying or distracting. The result is 35% more engagement on average.

The best part is, you only pay when there actually is engagement. What do you think is the smartest allocation of your digital budget?