Being a digital marketer, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about how Millennials are the new frontier. What you might not be aware of is the $1 trillion dollar opportunity that lies in a sub demographic of Millennials: Millennial moms.

With most Millennial moms doing a quarter of their shopping online, it’s clear that marketers must find new ways to reach this persona and move them along their path to purchase. Luckily for you, we know a little secret about where you can find them!


Meet the Screen Queens

Just like any other Millennial, Millennial moms are constantly plugged in and have gotten pretty good at multitasking. They use their smartphones while watching Netflix, at the grocery store, and even during those middle of the night nursery visits! The lesson here is: if you want to reach Millennial moms, your brand needs to be mobile. So where is the best place to position your brand on mobile? In games!


Moms Game?

That’s right; gamers are no longer just 16-year-old boys in their parents’ basement. Recent studies have shown that 45 percent of all gamers are women, and 74 percent of mothers gameThe rise of the mommy-gamer has largely been brought on by casual games such as Candy Crush, Hay Day, and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. These games have short and rewarding gameplay loops, making them the perfect guilty pleasure between diaper changes.

The great news for marketers is that Millennial moms are highly receptive to relevant and targeted in-app ads. Wildtangent found that 37% of mothers with kids aged 5-12 will purchase items from brands they see advertised during their mobile gameplay.


Make an Impressive Introduction

You can’t just place a banner ad in a mobile game and expect to attract quality customers. To win over Millennial moms, your offers must be relevant and targeted and add value. When BabyCenter and IAB asked Millennial mothers which digital ads were most likely to get their attention, placements featuring deals, sales, or other money-saving offers were the most popular. At Pretio, we call these types of offers “rewards.”

Our technology allows brands to surprise Millennial moms by positioning rewards after achievement moments in games. Maybe she beat a level or reached a new high score — tap into that excitement and help her celebrate with rewards like deep discounts or coupons! This type of feel-good interaction will not only help you acquire new customers, but will create a memorable experience to build a lifetime of loyalty.