If you’re a new brand trying to establish your position in the market and make your mark, you’re undoubtedly working to acquire more customers and increase revenue dollars. This is the gateway to brand growth. But, driving customer acquisition can be challenging, as it typically takes a good chunk of time and money.

According to Apptentive, time spent by users in apps increased 23.6% from 2014, and the average person now spends more time on electronic devices than sleeping. This is a clear testimony to the fact that the mobile space is here to stay. If brands want to reach their consumers, they need to increase their presence in this channel. With the right mobile marketing strategies, customer acquisition can be a breeze.

Since disruptive traditional ads have historically turned off consumers, brands need to take a different approach in order to effectively engage their users. In this post, we’ll offer tips on how new brands can grow their customer base cost-effectively.

Here are 3 ways to ramp up engagement for less!

  1. Keep Your Content Fresh

The content in your mobile ads is critical because it impacts the user’s in-app experience. If your ad unit is disruptive, the user will be prompted to leave the app altogether. According to Apptentive, 60% of mobile customers get bored with an app after their first month of using it and promptly abandon it. So, make sure your content enhances the user experience! The fresher your approach, the better.

This Taco Bell mobile ad is an example of how brands can get it right.


Not only is the layout eye-catching, but the message clearly offers users an easy way to get what they want. It’s simple, enticing, and, you guessed it: fresh.

  1. Share the Experience

Integrating social sharing capabilities is always a good idea. If you want to drive engagement, make it possible for in-app users to share how they feel about your brand with their networks. Even a simple call-to-action to spread the word should do the trick. You want to give the user something they enjoy first off, but then you should inspire them to share (and be vocal) about their experience they had with your brand. This method is both proven and cost-effective.

  1. Make a Lasting Impression

Offer mobile users real-world rewards for your brand! Deep discounts, savings on first time purchase, whatever offer you are willing to serve to drive a conversion! This will attract multiple users very quickly and also score high engagement levels with them. Tying user achievement moments in apps and games to real world rewards (like coupons or deep discounts) will inspire users to keep playing, navigating, and feeling good about your brand. Inject your brand in achievement moments in apps and games (like beating a level or checking something off a to-do list) and you’ll not only drive conversions, but make a lasting impression that will grow both your customer base and brand loyalty.

Take these three tips into consideration when planning your customer acquisition strategy in mobile marketing channels. Remember to keep your positioning creative, emotionally engaging, and in budget.