Lead generation is all about getting customers through the door. But more importantly, it’s about getting the right customers through the door. There is nothing worse than spending a bunch of money on a lead generation campaign, only to find out that the quality of those leads isn’t backing out to meet your campaign goals.

Luckily there are ways that you can qualify your leads to make sure you are only paying for customers who actually want to interact with your brand. Here are 3 steps you can take to acquire more qualified leads.


Savings Offers

In order to attract leads, you need to have an enticing invitation. Offers such Victoria’s Secret’s discounts on first purchase or free shipping is a great way to invite consumers to test out your products with a little less risk. Once they’ve accepted, you have the opportunity to win them over with your amazing product and get them hooked on your brand!


Insider Tip: Try distributing your first purchase discounts as rewards for consumers reaching achievement moments in apps and games. It’s a fun new way to acquire qualified leads!


Email Verification

Having a great offer is only the first step. Anyone in digital understands the perils of bot traffic and accidental clicks. There is nothing worse than paying for a lead that’s not interested in your brand.. or worse, isn’t even a human!

This is why you should be implementing an email verification step in all of your ad campaigns. Experian is a tool that ensures that the email addresses being sent your way belong to a real account — they even check for spelling mistakes. Email verification acts as a bouncer; you might get less leads through the door, but the quality will be much better.


Landing Page Optimization

Your landing page might be your most crucial asset for lead generation because it’s where you link all your previous efforts to make the close. The best way to convert qualified leads into paying customers is by sending them to a relevant targeted landing page. Unbounce recommends each landing page having “one goal, one message, one action.” If a lead is coming to your site to claim a discount, it should be clear how they can claim that discount from the second they hit your site. Make sure your landing page sells by setting up targeted messaging to match your offers and including a clear call-to-action.