This year, Pretio rewarded hundreds of millions of moments in apps and games. This got us thinking about the meaningful moments that take place in our everyday lives. So we thought we’d pull together a Facebook album, and symbolic Christmas tree, to celebrate and share the important moments in our community.

We want YOU to share your story of a moment that mattered to you in 2015. Completed your first marathon? We want to hear about it! Recently married or expanded your family? Share your special moment! Huge breakthrough in the workplace? Tell us more! Did someone’s generosity change the way you view the world? Pay it forward. It doesn’t even have to be something that happened to you, you can nominate others for their achievements!


“I believe that every single year is comprised of a million moments that matter, and 2015 was certainly no exception. My husband and I learned in May that we’re expecting our first child! For us, the journey to first-time parenthood has been an incredible one, filled with excitement, wonder, overwhelming joy, and sometimes even disbelief. We’ll never ever forget when we heard the rhythmic thump of our baby’s heartbeat for the first time at our midwife’s office. To know that there was a tiny person inside of me whose heart was literally powered by my own was incredible and surreal. Truly for us, one of the #MomentsThatMatter2015” -Vivienne Damatan, Pretio Interactive

What makes a moment matter?

Start with the why. It’s one of our founding principles. It’s something we tell our employees and our partners. It’s not about the what; it’s about the how and the when and the why. Moments matter because you believe they do. It’s your job to tell us why.


Because the moment with the most likes on the Pretio Interactive Facebook #MomentsThatMatter2015 album will win a $500 Victoria experience package to kick off 2016!


“Two years ago, my son set his sights on getting a scholarship to a top school. He worked his butt off to get the marks; trained through a broken arm and broken ribs to improve his rugby; and worked two jobs over the summer. In June he got accepted. And in September, he tried on the school blazer for the first time. Man, did he ever earn it.”- Jim Hayhurst, Pretio Interactive

How it works:


“Over 2015 Pretio has seen multiple-record months. Every single one of these record-breaking months were moments in my eyes. These months represented a plateau, a challenge and every single time our team was able to come together to overcome these challenges. It was amazing for me to see how these challenges forced Pretio’s multiple sub-groups (mainly development and sales) to develop a method to efficiently communicate the issues and how we could come out of them stronger together.” -Omer Baturay, Pretio Interactive

What about the Tree?

Did we mention special moments will be placed on the Pretio Christmas tree? You can get 10 additional likes for your picture in the album by coming to the office at 1124 Vancouver Street, Victoria to put up your ornament.

So start sharing! Submission deadline December 25, and the ‘liking’ starts NOW!