As pumpkin spice everything fills the air and jingle bells begin ringing around the clock, the consumers of America are gearing up for the battlefields of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a brand, you know that this translates into the most important time of year to capture your audience’s attention amidst the festive chaos.

Experian’s recent holiday study showed that between Q4 2013 and Q4 2014 there was a 36% increase in consumers shopping via their smartphone, and a 43% increase in consumers purchasing via their smartphone. This includes time spent in mobile apps. Due to the huge increase of time spent shopping via smartphone, one of the best ways you can reach out to potential holiday shoppers, is through mobile in-app rewards.

Here are a few ways that you can use mobile moments-based rewards in a thoughtful (targeted) way to enhance your marketing mix during the holiday season:

Boost Bricks and Mortar Traffic

A recent Apptentive survey revealed that “app-rooming” is becoming increasingly popular. This refers to using a mobile app to browse items, followed by a physical visit to the store to make a purchase. Out of the survey respondents who said they use retail mobile apps, 71% stated that they had “app-roomed” at least once in the previous month. In order to boost footsteps, it’s time to consider a mobile strategy to compliment your in-store experience.

Offer Easy Gifting Options

To escape the holiday mayhem, consumers often take some downtime catch up on their latest games. These same consumers could still have a mile long shopping list. By providing an in-app reward for an achievement, you have the opportunity to provide holiday gift ideas and discounts on those still-to-be purchased gifts. Better yet, trial size rewards can be the perfect stocking stuffer!

Phones are the Gift of Choice

Electronics are the gift of choice these days. And what’s the first thing everyone does after unwrapping their brand new iphone? Turn to the app store so they can play! Last Christmas Day, Flurry analytics tracked 2.5x the number of app installs as compared to an average day. This is a great opportunity for your brand to use an in-app reward, to reach out to a captive audience. Consumers might be looking for day-after Christmas deals and you just provided them with the perfect discount towards your brand!

The Holidays can be overwhelming for everyone. But with a little planning – and some clear goals – you can provide your consumers with a rewarding holiday shopping experience.