Victoria, BC, November 3, 2015: Pretio Interactive, a mobile advertising company that reaches customers with real-world rewards at their most receptive, released the company’s third quarter results for 2015. Across all major metrics, Pretio achieved substantial annual and quarter-over-quarter growth.

Revenue: Topline quarterly revenue increased by 56% from Q2 to Q3 2015 and 670% year-over-year from Q3 2014 to Q3 2015.

Impressions: Pretio increased the number of reward impressions served by 60% from Q2 to Q3 2015, and 225% year-over-year from Q3 2014 to Q3 2015.

Brand Partner Growth: In Q3 2015 Pretio’s brand partners increased by 53% over the previous quarter and by 330% from Q3 2014 to Q3 2015.

Team Growth: Pretio has grown its team by 150% since Q3 2014 and by 30% quarter-over-quarter.

“The challenge for any high-growth technology company is to maintain a balance between financial growth and operational stability,” said Pretio CEO, Jim Hayhurst. “This quarter was especially important for Pretio as we achieved record revenue milestones while at the same time bringing on new people to handle the new demands of our brand and publisher partners. I could not be prouder of how the team managed this demanding period.”

This past quarter saw Pretio deliver campaigns for brands such as Tommy Bahamas, P&G, CBS, Amazon, and FanDuel to audiences across a wide variety of aps and games through contextual, relevant rewards at key moments. The ads helped brands overcome the “banner blindness” and performance issues that are pervasive across the digital landscape. Additionally, in Q3 Pretio was invited to judge the Casual Connect Indie Prize Competition for game developers in San Francisco and attended Casual Connect Tel Aviv in October. Pretio Interactive is working to finish 2015 in a strong way and anticipates continued growth going into Q4.

About Pretio: Based in Victoria, BC, Pretio Interactive is a mobile advertising company that connects brands to consumers through rewards in games and apps. The company is backed by Canadian technology investors Wesley Clover International and Yaletown Venture Partners. For more info visit


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